Romsey & District Badminton Club

Romsey & District Badminton Club

Great! Your search has brought you to the website of the Romsey and District Badminton Club. You'll find us on Tuesday evenings between 7:30 and 9:30 at the Romsey Community School.

After the Covid 19 lay-off, the club resumed playing on Tuesday September 8th. However (and it is a big HOWEVER), we have to comply with the safety restrictions imposed by the school and guidelines from Badminton England. The club is at maximum capacity and I am afraid that we can't invite any new members until restrictions are eased.

Our club has been established for 40 years and if you are a player aged 18 to 100, we would love to see you. We play throughout the year except on one or two occasions when the school needs the sports hall.


Our club doesn't play league badminton, but we all try hard and win or lose still have a laugh together afterwards. And after you get your breath back, you will be on court again, often immediately, but rarely "resting" for more than five minutes. We use Yonex Mavis 300 nylon shuttlecocks.


Why not come along and enjoy a free evening for your first visit. If you would like more information then e-mail us at 



  • Annual membership    - £110 which includes membership to Badminton England
  • Visitor/guest payment - £4 per session